About Bonny

Why I'm the Coach For You!

I’ve had the self-doubt, personal distrust and fearfulness about my future. I didn’t realize how intensely the fear of failure crushed my deepest desires and left me on the sidelines of life, too afraid to put my toe in the water. 


I believe in God and have experienced plenty of miracles in my life. I believe that He wants me to have faith AND that I have a human brain that is programmed for fear. Coaching is the gift that taught me how to reprogram my brain so that I can release the fear that keeps me on the sidelines instead of doing good in the world.


Coaching has helped me love myself. God WANTS me to love myself but I would always put restrictions on that love – I had to be “good enough” or “do things right”. Now I am able to RECEIVE God’s love because I love myself. I AM good enough and you are too!



How else can coaching help you?


Coaching is the difference between being irritated or angry with your spouse for doing the same thing over and over again to not even being bothered….at all. No, I’m not kidding.





I felt frustrated when my grown kids did things that I knew would just end up in heartache and sorrow. I wanted to prevent them from unnecessary sorrow. Coaching helped me to let my kids live their lives and actually feel happy about it!


Coaching helped me see why I struggled with making decisions and  not second guessing those decisions. It was obvious that I had already made a crappy decision in my first marriage, hadn’t fulfilled my decision to get a college degree (for 24 years) and sometimes doubted myself as a mother.


Now I can make a decision and I have my own back. I make my decisions with a clear head and listen to my heart. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way I hoped for, I learn from it and move on. No more beating myself up about decisions.


Now I have the tools to work through the circumstances of my life. I can now genuinely accept myself, all of me...the parts that I’m proud of….the parts that I haven’t been so proud of.


Coaching helped me and coaching can help you too!


If you’re ready to experience genuine self-confidence, trust your decisions and embrace a marvelous future, book a FREE Consult below!


You don’t have to “prepare” anything. We’ll chat, have some fun and you’ll decide if Coaching is right for you.

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Your life can really be happier and I can help you.

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