Coaching With Me

What can coaching do for you?

Coaching is the most amazingly transformative experience because the tools open your mind, your feelings and your heart!

Can you even imagine not being irritated with your partner or family member over something that has bothered you for 35 years? I couldn’t either until I experienced it for myself.


Coaching helped me and it can help you too! 


Clients who embrace and practice the tools that I teach experience these types of results: You are a compassionate listener – unthreatened by someone who disagrees with you

You are free of judgment toward others – even though you might not agree with them

You are a stable, safe, secure parent who doesn’t need their adult child to validate them

You are kind and compassionate to yourself – negative self-talk becomes less and less

You are self-aware of how your thoughts affect your daily life.

You allow yourself to feel your emotions and process them 

You set healthy boundaries with love and kindness




You honor your body and its needs: sleep, food, exercise

You give yourself love and compassion for past mistakes and regrets

You are self-confident and easily celebrate yourself and others

You communicate clearly and directly, with kindness and love

You can admit when you’re wrong

You speak up for yourself

You make decisions that you feel good about 

You trust yourself

You are patient as others’ healing may look different from your own



When you need some clarity in your life, an individual session may the perfect starting place. If you have specific situations to explore then a single session may be just what you’re looking for.

Let’s talk. Tell me what is happening in your life.
Your life can really be happier and I can help you.

Book a FREE 60 minute Consult where we discuss what’s going on for you and how we can work together so you can have the relationships you want.