About Bonny

Life's Baggage and Why I'm the Coach For You!

Life Coaching is my PASSION! Coaching is the difference between being irritated / angry with your spouse for doing the same thing over and over again and not even being bothered….at all. No, I’m not kidding.

Have you ever felt like your spouse, partner, friend, co-worker…whomever….just did things because they KNOW how much it irritates you?

Well I did. I just accepted that some people were just rude or jerks and other people were kind and giving.

I spent a great deal of time people pleasing so that the people I loved could be “happy”. I felt frustrated when my grown kids did things that I knew would just end up in heartache and sorrow.

Coaching helped me to let my kids have their own journey and actually feel happy about it!




Coaching helped me see why I struggled with making decisions and then honoring those decisions. I felt like I had already made a crappy decision in my first marriage, hadn’t fulfilled my decision to get a college degree and doubted some of my results as a mother.

Now I can make a decision and I have my own back. So much stress is gone because of Coaching.

Now I have the tools to work through the circumstances of my life. I can now genuinely accept myself, all of me…the parts that I’m proud of….the parts that I haven’t been so proud of.

These are some of the reasons WHY I am PASSIONATE about Coaching!

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You don’t have to “prepare” anything. We’ll chat, have some fun and you’ll decide if Coaching is right for you.

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You really can change and I can help you.

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