If you’re ready to have Self-Confidence about your Future, Peace about your Past and and Connection in your Relationships (even with your Adult Child),

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I had no idea that my long-ago divorce still affected my life. I had remarried a great guy, raised our kids and even became a Certified Public Accountant but my fear about making a “wrong choice” loomed in the recesses of my mind. It took me 24 years to “decide” to go back to school and become a CPA. 24 YEARS.

Divorce changes us. Even if we know that the divorce is “for the best”, we walk away wounded, unsure, even skeptical about life. The questions flood our minds: Why didn’t I see more clearly? How could I get myself in such a mess? Why did I stay? Why did I leave? Why did he leave me?

When we have children, the guilt and regret from our poor choices can feel unbearable ESPECIALLY if our children begin using drugs or we find out they were abused. It is easy to believe that because WE screwed up, an innocent child has to live with our mistakes.

It’s no wonder that self-doubt invades every decision. Even if your ex was a total jerk, you keep blaming yourself,  “How did I fall for him?” You not only don’t trust him, but you don’t trust yourself either.

If decision making is hard for you, creating a lasting HEALTHY relationship seems unlikely, or you can’t forgive yourself for the stupid things you’ve done, coaching may be the missing link you’re looking for.

I help you become self-confident, trust yourself and your decisions, and create loving connections in your relationships (even with estranged adult children). Book a Free Consult to learn more.a

You Have More Power than You Realize!

Begin with You

The reason why you look to other people when you are making a decision is because you don’t believe in yourself. Subconsciously, you keep looking back and remembering how you trusted yourself once and that result was horrible.

The reason why you try to make other people happy is because you want them to like you. You hope that if they like you, you will be able to trust them.

The reason why you have a tendency to control others is because you don’t ever want to ask, “How did this happen to me?” again. The easiest way to avoid being hurt is to be “in charge” of as much of your life as you possibly can. Unfortunately other people have a dislike of being controlled. That’s one reason why your relationships struggle.

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After I remarried, I decided to see a counselor because the stresses of being the Scapegoat Stepmom were just too great to bear. It seemed that no matter what I did, it wasn’t good enough.

I couldn’t understand how I was the one always being blamed for things that I had nothing to do with. As I lamented to my counselor session after session, he finally told me that I would need to accept things as they were OR decide to leave…but if I stayed, “it is what it is.”

I left feeling validated because he could clearly see that I was “in the middle” of a no-win situation at home.

I also left feeling deflated because I had NO IDEA how to “accept things as they were”. It wasn’t until several decades later, when coaching entered my life, that I knew “how” to “accept things as they were” without attaching that acceptance to pain and loss.


If you’re ready to deeply love yourself, improve and enjoy your relationships and feel confident about your future, then COACHING may be the answer for you!

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