I help Midlife Mom have Self-Confidence about her Future,

Peace about her Past

and Connection in her Relationships.

Do you find yourself second-guessing your opinions (especially when they’re about YOU)?

You may have spent a great deal of time making other people happy: as a mom, sister, daughter, employee, friend or neighbor.

You have definite convictions about some things and the backbone to stand up for those convictions….

BUT decisions that affect YOU……now that is a different story. You waffle in indecision and often see the “worst” in yourself.  When you finally make the decision, you question whether it is the “right” one. You turn to your friends or family to validate what you’re thinking of doing.  The fear of “doing it wrong” can feel overwhelming.

The Fear of Failure feels so heavy that you’d rather do nothing than to face that giant. On top of everything else, you don’t want to have regrets. If you’re going to do something, you feel like you have to do it now or just throw in the towel.

Self-Confidence IS WAITING for YOU!

You’ve forgotten “who” you really are.

You’ve just forgotten who you really are. You have forgotten how AMAZING you are.  You can’t become “UN-AMAZING” because of something in your past…..You’re AMAZING BECAUSE YOU EXIST.


Really Bonny? So I guess I’ll just tell myself every day that I’m amazing and all of my problems will be solved, right?

Well, it wouldn’t hurt….

Here’s the deal: Your brain has been “hearing” all of the negative self-talk for 35, 45, 55, 65, 75 years. The words that you hear every day are the ones that you believe. The negative things you say to yourself are only the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that you have thousands of thoughts that running silently in the background much like the programs on your computer that run silently in the background.


Don’t worry if you’re an introvert or an extrovert; if you like to speak in front of a crowd or cringe at the thought.


Self-Confidence is CREATED. You don’t inherit it…you don’t “just have it”. You BUILD IT.


As your Life Coach, I will walk you down the path to Self-Confidence.

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I know how you feel. Even though I had had a career in my early 20s, decided to be a stay-at-home mom, raised our kiddos and periodically helped my husband in our business, I COULDN’T MAKE A DECISION ABOUT MY FUTURE.

I helped my children navigate their lives, helped my husband navigate his life but I couldn’t DECIDE how to navigate MY LIFE.

That feeling of “I don’t know” is paralyzing….at least it was for me.

I only took 24 years to decide to go back to school and become a Certified Public Accountant. 

My fear of failure was crippling. My fear of embarrassment if I flunked out was overwhelming.

Even though I’m a great CPA (it took years to gain that self-confidence), my PASSION IS COACHING.

Coaching CHANGED MY LIFE and 


If you’re ready to heal, to stop the people pleasing, to make decisions that you trust, to up-level your relationships, to truly LOVE yourself (and all of the crap of your life) AND to BECOME SELF-CONFIDENT, then COACHING may be the answer for you!

I’m the girl to help you Get Your Light Back.

  • Do you want to feel SELF-CONFIDENT no matter what situation you’re in?
  • Do you want to TRUST yourself that you’ll make a GOOD DECISION?
  • Are you ready to HEAL and LIVE A BETTER LIFE?
  • Are you ready to Get Your Light Back and SHINE?

Let’s talk. Tell me what is happening in your life.
You really can change and I can help you.

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