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Self-Confidence: The Secret Weapon
to Purpose & Connection

You keep looking to somebody else to validate you…to tell you that you’ve done a great job and you’re worth something. You look at your relationships, your career, your weight or maybe your bank account to boost your self-confidence.

As an Empty Nest Mom, your “feedback” on a job well done just walked out the door to live his/her own life. Your kids grew up. They left home. Even though you may have your own career, your life is just not the same. You worked to give your children the best you could. No, you weren’t perfect but you loved them and sacrificed to give them a good childhood….good memories. Your hopes and dreams for them have propelled you to always give a little more and be a little better.

  • So now what? Why do you feel like you have no idea what to do next? Maybe you doubt that you have “anything to offer” in this world. That’s not true. You have plenty to offer. You just don’t have the Self-Confidence to find it.
  • You worry that the decisions you’ve made have impacted your children in a negative way. Divorce, addiction, mental health, work or money issues may be regrets that haunt you. Peace about your past is available to you!
  • You thought that you would remain close to the kids after they left home. Now it seems that no matter what you say or do, it’s wrong. Enjoying your Adult Children begins with your Self-Confidence!
  • The children were the glue that held your home life together. Now that they’re gone, you just don’t feel connection with your partner. Revive your relationship and love your life again.

You “knew” how to be a Mom….but this next phase isn’t what you expected and you don’t feel ready for it. Self-doubt clouds your ability to move forward in your relationships, your career, your finances or your own growth. You no longer know your purpose or if you will ever have another purpose at all.

You have nurtured your children. Now it’s time to nurture yourself.

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