I hadn’t ever considered life coaching. I had heard about it and it seemed like a lot of talk. Bonny offered me 6 free sessions. Initially, I was skeptical but thought I might as well find out what all the huff and puff is about. Since the first session I could see and feel a difference of how I was looking at things. It’s easy to criticize others and especially yourself. The challenge is to notice what is going on so that changes can be made. Bonny helped me see that we all have challenges and it’s OK. I highly recommend her work. She’s patient and witty, fun and understanding. I really felt/feel that she was meant to help others and CAN help. Thanks Bonny.
p.s. 4 months later: I started with virtual ballet classes. It took me a while to get going, but I did it! Thank you, Bonny. Sometimes it takes courage to overcome uncomfortable things.
-Michelle D.