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How to Begin Connecting With Your Kids (Even If They REFUSE To Talk To You)

How Your Brain Subconsciously Creates Disconnection AND How To Stop It

The Step By Step Process To Help Your Kids Feel SAFE in Reconnecting with You

Hi, I'm Bonny

I’m a certified life coach, mother, stepmother, and a grandmother.

Years ago I coined the phrase, “Stand in line and take a ticket” because of what seemed like a constant flow of stepmother complaints from my husband’s ex or my step-kids.

I thought those years were the most painful that a mother could experience until that choice day when my “own” (as in biological) child decided that a parental relationship with us was no longer necessary.

My pleas were useless. The list was too long, my shortcomings were unforgivable.  After that horrible phone call, I hung up and burst into torrential tears. 

I then tried to solve my problem the way most people do, I called a friend to vent. After sobbing and relating the horrible nightmare to another person, I did feel better….but it didn’t solve the problem.

Today, I have a truly respectful, loving relationship with this same child. How is that possible you wonder?

I am going to teach you my 4 step healing process. 

Do not underestimate each individual step that I teach you. Like adding yeast to create bread, each step is pivotal to your success.

Just sign up for the free training and I’ll share what I discovered in healing the relationships with my children and step-children.


What others are saying...

I would highly recommend Bonny. I was a former addict trying to get my life together and was struggling with my emotions and how to life a normal life again.

Bonny helped me do that. I now see the positive things in life and don't dwell on the negative things. I also learned a bunch of ways to deal with my emotions. Since I started seeing Bonny I got my smile back and am able to get along with all my coworkers. I even got a promotion which she helped me interview for!
Mark T.
Initially I was skeptical about life coaching. Since the first session I could see and feel a difference of how I was looking at things. It's easy to criticize others and especially yourself. The challenge is to notice what is going on so that changes can be made.

Bonny helped me see that we all have challenges and it's okay. I highly recommend her work. She's patient and witty, fun and understanding. I really feel that she is meant to help others and CAN help.
p.s. Four months after coaching, I started teaching virtual ballet classes. It took me a while to get going but I DID IT! Thank you Bonny. Sometimes it takes courage to overcome uncomfortable things.
Michelle D.
While coaching with Bonny, I experienced profound insight which allowed me to understand myself and others and cope better in my daily life. I really loved having Bonny listen to things that I feel I can't share with anyone else for fear of their judgment.

Bonny provided an independent, 
non-judgmental perspective that helped decode the intricacies of human relationships. I felt the permission to free myself from self-judgment. I would recommend personal coaching with Bonny!
Wendy B.

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