Life Coaching Au Naturel

My journey as a Life Coach began years ago and yet it seems like yesterday. As an adult, I had experiences that I thought were normal although my husband and others tell me that they are extraordinary. I could be standing in line at the grocery store and end up talking with the person next to me about things that were very personal for them. This unknown person and I made a connection and for those few minutes, they were able to share their struggles or joys. Often they found themselves seeking counsel of some type and we ended the experience with a hug.

This happened at airports, ball games, church….any place that I might be with other people. It did NOT happen every day or “all the time”. One time I had a woman call me (I only “knew” her by sight….barely) late at night and ask me to come over. It was a special few hours together. My name came to her mind and she called. I came.

It DID happen often enough that when I decided to go back to school to become a Certified Public Accountant my husband asked, “Wouldn’t you rather be a counselor or therapist or something? You do that all the time anyway.” “No,” I replied, “that would take all of the “fun” out of it!” I believed that the connections that I had weren’t something that I could have without the spontaneity. So I became a CPA.

I became super busy being a partner in our CPA firm. Worked crazy hours and became a great CPA. Didn’t have a lot of time to go to the grocery store, airports, ball games, random places…..interestingly……the office (mainly my husband/partner) referred to me as the “Counselor CPA” because the clients who had some issue bigger than just their accounting or tax returns ended up assigned to me. Call it “coincidence”….call it “serendipity”…..I choose to call it my “reminder”. Clients shared with me their deepest concerns and I received the great opportunity to serve them in a most beautiful way. Sometimes they would apologize for dumping their world in my space but I never felt “dumped on”. I felt honored to be allowed there.

Here I am today: HONORING who I am….Stepping into the part of me that has always been there; using tools that take my gift to a higher level and help the people I serve become better versions of themselves. Becoming a Life Coach is truly an honor for me. Every client is so unique, so special. Being a part of their journey is such a gift.

I still use my CPA brains with my business clients. It comes in handy.

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